Today was supposed to be a good day, and it was up until a rav 4 Toyota took the chance and pulled out infront of us because she thought she’d make it. My friend said, “oh shit” as she slammed on the break. She hit the Toyotas rear passanger tire somehow flipping them and making it land on its side. No one in my friends car were wearing seatbelts, and I’m so happy to say we all got out alive, I may have hit my head and my boyfriend got hit in the chin with the airbag but im glad thats all that happened. RIP Mitsubishi Eclipse.


Rednecks and their atvs. #paramedic #medic #myemsday #taxiservice #ems


Working with the Task Force, Airport Disaster Drill 10/18/14



also i saw this on the unicef twitter page and thought id share

PSA ok


Humvee hit by an explosively formed penetrator.


Pager goes off. Show up. That’s what your here for, that’s what your here to do, don’t want to wake up at 3am…well neither did the person your here to help so do it. Suck it up. If you get canceled use it as a learning tool. No questions. Don’t want to do that? Then find something else to do. It’s that easy. You don’t show up, you let down your fellow firefighters, your department, your community and those who EXPECT YOU to HELP them, those people who YOU signed up to help. Remember that. Calls come in 24/7/365


Working with the Task Force, Airport Disaster Drill 10/18/14


First alarm fire with entrapment and caused 2 members of my station to bailout on side A that my company just finishes up with, Engines 33, 33-1, 34, 35, 32-1; Trucks 33, 34, Air 35, Tanker 35, Rescue 40, 44 Squad 33 Ambulance company 7 and 9 everyone made it out safely after evac tones had to be sounded due to problems with water pressure and supply into structure