"Times, they are a changin’… whether it be tactics, strategy, equipment, technology, and/or knowledge. However, we must remember to respect and learn from the lessons of those who came before us and implement those lessons in our way forward. The future is built on the wisdom of our past."



BC is on fire. Just an average day at work, watching the forest below me burn. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’m safe!) #firefighting #bc #forestfire




Trauma is defined as physical injury or wound caused by external forces.

Common types:

  • Fall 38%
  • Motor vehicle traffic 29%
  • Firearm and cut/pierce 9.2%
  • Drowning 0.06%

Mechanisms of injury

  • Mechanical or kinetic energy
  • Thermal energy
  • Chemical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Radiant energy
  • Oxygen deprivation that is a cause not an agent

GOLDEN HOUR: is a term used in trauma care that refers to the first hour following the initial traumatic injury. Patient survival rates increase with the proper care in the golden house

Trauma deaths that occur during the first 24 hours  are often the result of the “lethal triad” 

  • Acute coagulopathy
  • Acidosis
  • Hypothermia

Primary Survey

  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Disability
  • Expose

This format of assessment is ongoing throughout patient care, ensuring the priorities of assessment and continuous intervention are effective

Secondary Survey

  • Full set of vitals
  • Give comfort measures
  • History & Head to to assessment
  • Inspect posterior surfaces

I had never seen this past ABC!


The Snozzle at Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Station 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida via Amplification, Inc. 


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The aftermath of the fire that took my sister’s house. I still don’t understand it. Why it had to be them. There was absolutely nothing left for them. They have what they are wearing. I didn’t understand how much my heart could hurt until I saw the look on my nieces face when she found out, and then again when she saw this.
I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could make it better for them.


So its been 2 weeks since this took place, that’s my car. I fucked up real bad. Was in icu for 2 days and in the hospital for a week. When my friend asked to ride in the ambulance they told her no cause they don’t think I’ll make it. Friends still upset with me, facing some legal shit but I’m still alive. This is a big road block in my life and its going by slowly. That is my car.. don’t drink and drive please, it’s not worth it.


Came across this fire on my way home. When I first passed by there were just flames shooting out of the sleeping cabin of the transport and the driver was on the phone with no firefighters to be seen, upon returning with my camera 10 minutes later the cab had been consumed by the fire and firefighters did the rest. Did not get any play for this but still pretty sweet 

JACKSON TOWNSHIP —One firefighter was hurt when a fire truck crashed in Clermont County on Monday.

Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/news/fire-truck-involved-in-clermont-county-crash/28064108#ixzz3DPMnIuxC