I want to become a fire fighter. But I'm worried I am not strong enough. Do how or where to get any information on benchmarks. Like bench x weight or squat x weight. I know my cardio is fine.

When I started my fire class I really wasn’t all that strong I was fit and could do the job but I was no muscle head. When I was in strength training class in high school I could probably bench around 250 and I think squat’s around the same if not more not really sure.

I usually walk/run 1 to 2 miles a day, I do at least 3 set’s of 20 to 30 diamond push up’s, 3 set’s of 50 to 100 sit up’s, 3 set’s of 10 to 20 35lb dumbbell curl’s. That’s usually my work out routine everyday or every other day.

You will have to get online and look up chart’s and keep track of your progress if you want to bench press and do squat’s. As long as you can pull your own weight and do the job safely you should be fine.

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This isn’t enough juniors and probationary firefights on a fire scene to repack this shit.


Hey, there is a really cool app on the apple store and android google play store called wiser. Its made for first responders when we have hazmat situations. Any one in the fire/ems field should download it! Also the erg is free on both app stores.

I downloaded the Wiser app a month or two ago and it’s awesome. I usually get on there every once and awhile and go over different chemicals/diseases and the WMD response guidebook. 

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FDNY firefighters conduct controlled burn experiments on Governor’s Island to test new, wind-driven firefighting techniques, 2008.


Croatian Woman Doesn’t Stop When Drawbridge Starts to Rise 

I was having a nice conversation with a stranger. When he asked what I do for a living I told him I worked on an ambulance. He said "Oh, I bet that's stressful, that's like what I do working in a hotel" I really wanted to punch him in the face.


I don’t think anyone would have blamed you If you did.

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The first time I saw a Narcan resurrection




Medic: wanna see somethin cool?
Me: *suspicious/curious look*
Medic: *slams narcan*
Pt: Fuck you!! *projectile vomits*


Capt. James, Nurse Jill, and Medic Tim made it out today.